One to One, Small Groups, zoom/skype

Hula Hoop Lessons

Would you like to learn to hula hoop or advance your skills but can't find a class to suit your shedule?


DreamSpin offers 1:1 sessions.  These can be at your own home or we can book a studio space, at your chosen date and time.  Ranging from 1 -4 hour sessions.  This could be a one off session or a regular booking.

Add a second or third friend/family member to make it even more fun.

If you are not in Brighton or the UK and would like a lesson/regular classes then we can arrange skype lessons as mutual convenient times.

All levels of ability and experience are welcome whether it be beginner/advanced, double or multi hoops, choreographing  a routine or just one particular move you are having difficulty with, e.g chest or knee hooping.

Please contact me to discuss.

Fire Hooping and Fire Fans 1:1 Sessions

Are you ready to take your hooping to the next level, would you like to perform with fire or just fire for your own enjoyment.

I have 11 years experience of fire hooping and performance.  Book me in for a 1:1 session or with a friend.  I will teach you how to use fire safely, advise on moves, insurance, clothing and get you spinning with fire happily and most of all safely.