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Hooping in September  2020

Classes have started and it's SOO Good to be teaching again!  You can book for the next courses starting in November.

SAD NEWS! Fairy Festival had to cancel because of new regulations changes on 22nd, they were all set to go ahead worked very hard closely with Public Health Authority to get it covid ready and I was ready and packed and couldn't wait to run my playshops.  There will be a lot of sad little faeries this weekend 

SAD FAERY 2020.jpg

Well Classes are Back!! Indoors at the Hanover Centre Brighton BN2.

Six weeks of hoop fun and fitness, flow, tricks and transitions for Beginners and Improvers/Intermediate level.

I've been working on a new Hoop Fitness class and almost ready to bring it to the public.  It's Hoop HIIT.  Designed in the HIIT style of a workout that is proven to be the most efficient and effective way to weight loss and fitness!

I've been working on it for 2 weeks (20 mins 3 days per week)  and lost 2lbs in weight!  Are you ready for this?!! It's fast paced and suitable for people who are used to waist hooping and can spin hoop in their hands.

Hooping in August 2020

Oh boy did it rain the other day!! An August Monsoon on a Wednesday as well!!

So, I needed to cheer myself up.  Took my brolly, wellies, raincoat and hoops and went forth in to the torrential rain into the woods for a hoop.

I made this video to cheer people up and I got soaked but it was exhilarating to be dancing in the rain - plus this Samba tune is so euphoric!!!

Do you ever forget how much you have achieved? 

I often do, so I wrote everything down and put it in a video!


New Performance Workshop is currently being designed and Teacher Training programme is almost finished.


A video is more interesting than words..

One Thing I forgot to mention is that I am back at the New Forest Fairy Festival again this year 26th and 27th September.  It's usually in August but had to be rescheduled.  It's a lovely event in a magical setting, so if you have young fairies in the family put this in your diary. I will be running hoop playshops on each day.

The Theme this year is Steampunk Fairy so time for another photoshoot I think!

Fae Hooper 3.jpg
Fairy Hula Hoops Leds.jpg

Had a great time at summer camp teaching circus skills to ages 4-11 years olds with LAGAD Gymnastic Academy.

I had a last minute request from the boss to teach a dance routine, Im not a dance teacher BUT I've taken many classes over the years, so I went with charleston moves and came up with this..everyone was dancing by the end of the week!  You can see me rehearsing it in my room before I catch the train!!

Hooping in July 2020

Hula Hooping Gift Voucher 1.jpg

Hello You Beautiful Spinning Human!

How are you in these strange and unprecedented times?  I hope you are managing to remain positive,  healthy and active.

Virtual Hoop Classrooms

I've been keeping very busy with TWO online courses uploaded for Beginners and Improvers/intermediate level

These are available to buy or rent per class.

I have also uploaded TWO Fab Flow videos for Beginners and Improvers/intermediate levels - these videos each have 5 different flows for you to learn including slow mo and transitions.

1:1 Small Groups Sessions

I'm teaching 1:1 session via skype/zoom

and in Brighton, Horsham local parks

If you are interested in signing up, please do send me a message.  If you don't have a hula hoop yet,

I will help you find suitable beginner hoop.

Virtual Performance

I've just finished filming a 14 minute virtual fire and led hoop and fans performance in order to raise money for a chosen charity,  It's an epic tale of Dark Shadows and Masks - my usual theatrical style of storytelling with my spinning props.

 I think it's my best work yet so I hope you will choose to watch and donate to a very good cause.

Indoor classes will begin again in September.

Hoop Teacher Training

Look out for the Teacher Training Programme

launching in October!

Lots of love,

Clare xxx

Get to Hoop Class  .jpg

Summer 2019

Summer Calendar For DreamSpin Hoop Dance included 


SpiegelTent at Brighton Fringe - SpiegelActive 

30 and 31st May

Hula Hooping for all the Family 12.30-1.30pm

Brighton Summer Vegan Festival

8th and 9th June


FREE All Day Circus Workshops

Circus Workshops Bright DreamSpin Hoop Dance Hula Hooping Brighton Circus Plate Spinning at The Level in Brighton BN2
TakePart Active at The Level Brighton Hula Hoop in Brighton Hula Hoop Workshops and Classes in Brighton

Take Part at The Level

22nd June 12-4pm

Join DreamSpin Hoop Dance for a day of hoop workshops all Free.

Take Part at The Level has so much to offer - performance of every kind of dance and free fun activities all day!

PatchFest 2019

13th July 12-8pm

We will be at Patchfest with our flashmob routine, The DreamSpin Hoop Crew have been performing at Patchfest for the last 4 years. (See videos below). It's an absolutely brilliant festival and the weather is always a scorcher.  Loads of local bands, radio stations, great food and the best community atmosphere.  Brighton's best kept secret (for those in the know!) now you know!

New Forest Fairy Festival

10th & 11th August

I am so delighted to be invited to run hula hoop workshops again this year at this gorgeous family festival.  I have never seen so many faery folk in one field before!  A beautiful setting and a lovely atmosphere.

Fairy Festival Hula Hooper New ForestFairy Festival Winged Fairy in Woods Fae Magical Fae Hula Hooping LEDS Hula Hoops Enchanted Hula Hoop
Enchanted Fairy Festival Hula Hooper Led Hula Hoops Winged Fairy Woodland
Fae Fairy Wings Wood Hula Hoop LED Hula Hoops

Performance with the

DreamSpin Hoop Flashmob Crew

 Not only were we celebrating World Hoop Day, but we performed on behalf of a local low cost counselling charity in Sussex called the As you Are Centre, which offers affordable counselling to adults and children.  A really worthy cause we thought and hope that we brought plenty of attention to their stall on Hove Sea Front.  

October 12th  saw us help Martletts raise money with our led performances outside the Theatre Royal and our "Snail" as part of the Snail Safari.  

Hulaween and we were back in town raising money for Roger's wildlife Rescue with our Zombie Flashmob routine.

December 2nd, DreamSpin Hoop Crew strikes again performing for our lovely local community Patch Winter Warmer,  We had fire and mulled wine and bands and danced in the Winter!

You can Book Us for Your Event!

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