Find Your Balance with Yoga

It's been about 15 years since I first discovered yoga and alongside hooping - it keeps me balanced and reasonably sane! I have discovered from my yoga practice and then becoming a hooper that the flexibility and balance that I had gained from yoga complemented my hoop practice. Yoga develops true body awareness - an awareness of breath, (it's so easy to hold your breath when you are hooping/focused on learning an new move) your connection to your surroundings, rootedness (which is needed when you are hooping on one leg). Stilling the mind's endless conversation and moving from the head into the body can bring a wonderful sense of calm and inner peace. Losing myself in a flow of hoop moves a

As The Year Spins To A Close

Just a few more events before the DreamSpin years winds down.. ★Saturday we have our second flashmob - a christmas special with 7 students who have rehearsed with a lot of dedication. Im very proud of them, they are all astonishingly quick learners and highly skilled with their hoops. I'll upload a video after the night...can't wait! ★Tuesday is our last hoop jam of the year at The Hanover Centre. It's been a very productive and challenging year for me, intensive training to become a qualified fitness teacher, re-qualifying as a massage therapist and re-visiting driving after an accident several years ago. Alongside raising my daughter and running DreamSpin Hoop Dance and Shambolic SideShow

The Learning Curve

I've been thinking about this, observing how people learn in my classes and in my personal life with friends and family. The further along the life road I travel, I realise that it really is the journey that matters. I've known people who won't begin to learn something because it will take too long and they don't want to fail. I've seen students become annoyed with themselves or frustrated because they are not mastering a hoop move immediately. It feels as if they are racing to a finish line but in fact there is no finish line - because there are inifinite ways to play with your hoops and each achievement will just push you on the next goal. I rarely master a move immediately and when I do t

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