Body Confidence, Self Esteem and Hula Hooping

You don't have to be thin, attractive, young or any of those other labels that society bombards us with on a daily basis to enjoy hooping. What I love about hooping and dance in all forms, is the body confidence that I have received in exchange for putting myself out there and learning these skills.

I have (sadly, along with many other women) always had body issues. I have spent too much time dieting and pursuing workouts that I really didn't enjoy. I have frequently punished myself, verbally, for not conforming to society's current ideal of beauty, even though I "should" know better. As I get older I've become more accepting of my shape and also realised that my shape is MY shape and no matter what I do, to some level it will remain this shape!

Hoop and dance encourages me to be more expressive, less focused on my appearance and more on what my body and mind can achieve, no matter what shape I am. It also develops my cardio vascular system, strength and flexibility, without being focused on a weight loss outcome. My main emphasis is more on enjoyment, being present and learning something new.

Learning a new skill is a great way to building self esteem and confidence, dance particularly will help with posture and alignment which will improve your physicality in terms of shape, as you will hold yourself better, stand taller and develop a new body awareness. I'm also a huge advocate of yoga which will develops the same body awareness - there are many paths.

We don't need to improve the way we look, we just need to improve the way we see ourselves as we already are and not just accept how we look but learn to LOVE who we see in the mirror. I truly believe hoop and dance can be part of this process. xxx

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