The Learning Curve

I've been thinking about this, observing how people learn in my classes and in my personal life with friends and family. The further along the life road I travel, I realise that it really is the journey that matters.

I've known people who won't begin to learn something because it will take too long and they don't want to fail.

Hula Hoop Love

I've seen students become annoyed with themselves or frustrated because they are not mastering a hoop move immediately. It feels as if they are racing to a finish line but in fact there is no finish line - because there are inifinite ways to play with your hoops and each achievement will just push you on the next goal.

I rarely master a move immediately and when I do there is always room to improve. I guess in the early days (the first few years!!) I used to feel frustrated too and that's what would spur me on. I have come realise, because the circle is never ending, that I can take my time ,I no longer have to race, there is no end, and there is no competition because this is my journey.

When I am learning a move (and with other lessons or creative processes) I fail and fall over and over again and then, when I finally execute that move perfectly (or hit that chord on my guitar or stay longer in a headstand than usual) then I can look back and see how I reached this place/moment in time.

It somehow makes the moment much richer, fuller and more rewarding.


learning process

journey not the destination

creative process

hoop journey

hula hooping

creative hula hooping

slow down and enjoy the journey

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