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As The Year Spins To A Close

Just a few more events before the DreamSpin years winds down..

★Saturday we have our second flashmob - a christmas special with 7 students who have rehearsed with a lot of dedication. Im very proud of them, they are all astonishingly quick learners and highly skilled with their hoops. I'll upload a video after the night...can't wait!

★Tuesday is our last hoop jam of the year at The Hanover Centre.

It's been a very productive and challenging year for me, intensive training to become a qualified fitness teacher, re-qualifying as a massage therapist and re-visiting driving after an accident several years ago. Alongside raising my daughter and running DreamSpin Hoop Dance and Shambolic SideShow (my circus company). I have really enjoyed this year, I've learned so much about myself and how to find peace within chaos and also letting of struggles that I don't need to have. I'm also finally learning to focus on my journey and stop concerning myself with what others are doing - no more comparisons (well not quite as many or as often) which allows for a sense of contentment and also freedom. Practicing gratitiude daily, has kept my emotions and approach to life on a upward spiral even during the challenging times.

I'll finish with a high from my final intermediate class last night - Over the past 6 weeks they have worked very hard on a challenging flow routine - which they all took to with tenacity and determination. They're all absolute winners!! *¨*•☆•*

For some light relief at the end of the session I asked the students to work in pairs on a fun, short routine which finished with a 2 hooper body roll. Then we decided to get everyone involved - you can see the results! This move has definitely got be played with again next year!!! *¨*•☆•*

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